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Electronics >> Basics of Electronics >> Wiring Symbols

What are Wiring Symbols?

There are many different representations for basic wiring symbols, and these are the most common.  The conventions I use for wires crossing and joining are marked with a star (*) - the others are a small sample of those in common use, but are fairly representative.  Many can be worked out from their position in the circuit diagram (schematic).


wiring symbols

                                   Fig - 1 : Wiring Symbols

Electronics Units

The commonly accepted units in electronics are metric.  In accordance with the SI (System International) metric specifications, any basic unit (such as an Ohm or Farad) will be graded or sub-graded in units of 1,000 - this gives the following diagram.:

Metric Multiplication Units
Fig - 2: Metric Multiplication Units

The abbreviations and case are important - "m" is quite clearly different from "M". 

In general, values smaller than unity use lower case, and those greater than unity use upper case.  "k" is clearly an exception to this. 

There are others that go above and below those shown, but it is unlikely you will encounter them.  Even Giga and Tera are unusual in electronics except for determining the size hard drive needed to install a Microsoft application.

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