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Electronics >> Electronic PCB Assembly Machines and Tools >> Wave Soldering Machine

Wave Soldering Equipment

  • Wave Soldering Machine (Now lead free soldering is becoming common due to RoHS)

  • Reflow Checkers

  • Dip Testers

  • Spray Fluxers

  • Flux Controller

Wave Soldering Machine

Wave Soldering Machine

Manufacturer of Wave Soldering Machine

One of the world leaders and manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of wave soldering and related machines is KOKI.

KOKI started off with the import & selling of “Automatic Soldering Systems” way back in 1957 and became an independent production unit manufacturing the same under the brand name of “AUTOSOLDER” soon after in 1964. Ever since it has been starving to develop new products, catering to the diverse needs of the industry and providing the customers with reliable products, thereby establishing itself as a name to reckon with.

As the electronic industry is seeing tremendous changes in electronic components & PCB design, KOKI has always responded with product improvement and quality enhancement.

Once the electronic components are assembled onto to the pcb through wave soldering, it is time for test and inspection.

Rarely anybody gets 100% error-free assembly output through wave soldering. Few joints has to be reworked by hand even after wave soldering. For rework, one needs a soldering iron or soldering station with soldering iron.

 A soldering iron is simple plug and use. Just plug-in the soldering iron, wait till it get heated and then start your pcb rework. Soldering Irons of different watts are available.

On the other hand, soldering stations are temperature controlled with a soldering iron. You may set the temperature to the required level (usually 350-4500 Celsius). Soldering stations of different watts are available.


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