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Electronics >> Electronic PCB Assembly Machines and Tools >> SMT Equipments and Machines

Surface Mount Technology and SMD

Electronic Gadgets and equipments are getting smaller day by day. This has become possible only because of SMT (Surface Mount Technology).

SMDs (Surface Mount Devices or Surface Mount Components) are flat and are soldered on the surface of the board. SMDs are smaller is size as compared to their counterparts, thru-hole electronic components.


SMT Equipments and Machines
SMT Equipments and Machines

Therefore, SMDs occupy lesser space on PCB thus making gadgets and machines smaller.

SMT Equipment

  • SMD / BGA Assembly and Rework System

  • Laser Measurement Equipments

  • SMD Chip Components Counter

  • Reflow Checker

  • Stensils, Screens and PC Boards Cleaning Machine.

  • Cream Solder Mixer

  • Microwave Oven

Manufacturer, Exporters and Suppliers of SMT Equipment


Genitec was founded in 1993 with high technology and excellent experience in providing related equipment for SMT, PCB and Automation industry.

They offer a broad range of Equipment to ensure the best and complete service for electronic industry, including SMT related equipment, PCB equipment, Automation control system equipment, UPS & AVR. “Best product with earnest service” is their company’s philosophy and has been deeply praised by customers.

They also pride on satisfied customers with their expansion needs and providing the best response possible. High market share and ISO 9001 international certification is the best proof of their effort.

Their current business spread through Taiwan, China, and Southeast Asia and will keep in striving to set global market net providing best service available for customers!!


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