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Electronics >> Electronic PCB Assembly Machines and Tools >> Selective Soldering Machine

What is Selective Soldering Machine?

As the name suggests, selective soldering is a technique of soldering electronic components on the pcb selectively. Selected components are automatically soldered on to the pcb as per the pre-programmed program. One just has to feed the machine with a program and the jobs is done automatically.

Selective Soldering Machine

Selective Soldering Machine

One of the leading manufacturers, ecporters and suppliers of Selective soldering Systems is:

BeamWorks Ltd. established in 1998, was the first company in the world to develop an Automated Multi Process Assembly System that incorporates Dispensing, Pick & Place, Laser Soldering and Inspection capability for surface mount technology.

BeamWorks Ltd. designs, manufactures and sells assembly, soldering and inspection solutions for the Electronics industry. BeamWorks presents 3 product families:

  Automated Multi Process Assembly Systems.
  In-line Automated Selective Soldering Systems (designed especially for through-hole applications)
  In-Line Automated Optical Inspection Systems

 BeamWorks' products express the company philosophy to provide the PCB Assembly Industry with flexible solutions to meet customer needs in different sectors and applications. Their systems are designed to increase productivity, improve the quality of products and shorten production and delivery time.


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